“Ari Banias is one of the best living poets and this book in your hands is our proof.  ‘If only we didn’t / care about what doesn’t matter / but people do.’  This book Anybody is the courage of a poet who trusts the strength of poetry to make room in our world for everybody.  I am grateful for the work of Banias, always pointing us toward what does matter.” — CAConrad

“I’m so impressed by the range and grace of Ari Banias’ Anybody. It’s discursive, straight-talking, and thinky, then ghostlike, elliptical, and mischievous. It takes its time, then rushes; it’s quiet, then bold; it’s steeped in sociality, then ringing with solitude. I happily recognize its arrival, even if I know (as does Banias, quoting Berlant) that recognition may be but the misrecognition we can bear.” — Maggie Nelson

“Born late in the 20th century, tutored under the twin suns of Frank O’Hara and Guillaume Apollinaire, vexed by ‘this set of meanings on my body,’ Ari Banias is a poet for this hour—bewildered, hopeful and cracklingly alive, a citizen of the possible. How many utopias? (keep imagining them).” — Mark Doty

“Here is I—by turns diving board, dividing line, high-wire, splinter, stitched pocket, and, above all, Imagination. Here is Anybody with its syntax of rupture and suture, its restless questions and metaphysical balloons.  What a thrilling, original, generous, openhearted book.  A book we have waited for, whoever we are.” — Donna Masini

“Large, inclusive, funny, tough, nuanced, skeptical—and especially skeptical about his own persona—Ari Banias has written one of the finest first books (OK, any book!) that I’ve ever read…These poems stake a claim on the future: they give us a poet who understands to the bone how syntax and line and music embody emotion, and how the integrity of the spirit is the maker’s integrity in going all the way to the bottom of these poems’ large and important subjects.” — Tom Sleigh